Attic Restoration

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BWS – Attic Restoration & Droppings Cleanup Service In Columbus, Ohio

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions’ team consists of experienced professionals equipped with the knowledge to determine the extent of your attic situation. Some cases require complete restoration while others only need a spot cleaning service. Call a specialist for an immediate attic cleanup in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions holds all necessary licensing & insurance for attic restoration services. We can handle any attic problem you may have, just give us a buzz at (844) 544-9453 to speak to a licensed professional!

Three Steps for Restoring an Attic

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions provides complete attic remediation/restoration services to Columbus homeowners. Firstly, we will eradicate any animals residing in your attic. What’s the point of cleaning up after an animal that hasn’t left? After our specialists humanely remove your pests, they will begin the attic cleanup process. Below are the three main steps we use to properly execute every attic restoration job:

1. Remove All Materials & Biomass including animal droppings and contaminated insulation.

2. Sanitize the Attic to remove wildlife scent, annoying odors, and lingering bacteria.

3. Install New Insulation to state code in order to keep your attic safe and comfortable.

During inspection, we will account for all damage before recommending either a spot cleaning service or full attic restoration. This decision depends on the prevalence of droppings and various damage to the attic. 

In instances where high amounts of animal waste are scattered about the attic, full restoration is the suggested service. Full restoration involves remediation of all material from the attic, including all insulation. Once all material is removed from the attic, we apply an aerosol disinfectant solution throughout the attic space. This removes all foul odors caused by urine & fecal matter.

If droppings are confined to a small area, we suggest a spot cleaning service. This is generally recommended following brief stints with nuisance animals where waste has not accumulated enough to require full restoration. Spot cleaning includes removing animal waste as well as all insulation surrounding the waste. This usually makes for a quick job, but don’t delay – animal issues get worse with time.

Diseases Carried in Animal Waste

Diseases are a major concern for anyone with a wildlife problem. Although contracting disease from animal droppings isn’t likely, you should not treat the situation lightly. When it does happen, the results become newsworthy. Our specialists are trained to remedy all hazardous situations and will ensure that no further issues arise in the presence of animal waste. Below, you can read more about the dangers of specific animals’ waste.

Disease From Bat & Bird Droppings

Histoplasmosis is the main disease humans can contract from bat & bird guano. It affects the respiratory system (breathing) which has obvious dangers. Symptoms usually resemble the common cold but can be much worse depending on your age and overall health.

If you have bat or bird droppings in your attic, do not try to clean them up. Avoid even entering the area surrounding the droppings, as most diseases carried by these animals are airborne. You are much more likely to breathe in bacteria if you are inside or near the infected area.

raccoon poop in an attic

A raccoon and its babies left numerous piles of poop throughout this client’s attic.

bat guano spread throughout an attic

A bat infestation in this attic left piles of urine soaked guano contamination.

A massive starling nest in a client's attic.

This massive starling nest in a client’s attic was filled with parasites and feces.

A BWS specialist performs attic cleanup and repair service at a Columbus residence

A BWS specialist performs attic cleanup and repair service at a Columbus residence.

Disease From Raccoon Droppings

Raccoons are known to carry the Raccoon Round Worm parasite. Round worm eggs pass the disease from raccoons to other animals, humans included. A raccoon with round worms hosts the parasite inside of its digestive tract. All round worms inside the infected raccoon will lay eggs. The number of eggs each roundwworm can lay is enormous – enough to pose serious risks to any humans they come in contact with. The eggs mix with digested material in the raccoon’s stomach, eventually taking up residence in the raccoon’s droppings.

The Dangers Of Round Worm Eggs

Round worm eggs are very durable. They can absorb through human skin, making them extremely dangerous to anyone in their presence. Round worm eggs do not die off. In fact, they can live in raccoon droppings for up to 10 years. If you have raccoon droppings in your attic, do not attempt to remove them by yourself. Proper safety equipment is a necessity for cleaning up raccoon droppings. Allow us to help – call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at (844) 544-9453 and speak to a licensed professional!