Property Upkeep

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BWS uses the most advanced equipment and techniques to keep your property looking beautiful.

BWS uses the most advanced equipment and techniques to keep your property looking beautiful.

BWS – Tree Trimming Service In Columbus, Ohio


Closeup of thin tree branches with orange leaves during the fallOvergrown tree limbs give animals carte blanche to climb their way into your home. It is important to trim all overextended limbs until they are out of range for animals wanting to get onto your roof. This prevents raccoons, squirrels, and other Columbus critters from getting into your home or attic. The typical job involves determining which branches to cut, planning the cutting route, then cleaning up after the job is done. BWS employees are all experienced in this area, having logged several tree trimming projects each. Give us a call for expert tree trimming service – our number is (844) 544-9453!

Brush & Ivy Removal

Brush and ivy can help beautify your property if used correctly but, often times, they are unwanted and act as a pest plant. Furthermore, they act as natural ladders for raccoons, rodents, insects, and other pests trying to get into your home. Our team will remove all troublesome brush and ivy from surrounding trees or plants as well as the ground level. This may involve using chemicals, but uprooting is always the end goal. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Columbus’s most respected property upkeep company, with each specialist having handled brush and ivy removal jobs. Call (844) 544-9453 – let us restore your property to its former glory!

Gutter CleaningIvy leaves covered with rain drops

Another common roof-related problem is clogged gutters. Leaves and other debris will jam and stop the flow of your gutters, leading to unwanted buildup and improper water distribution. Clean gutters allow the machine that is your house to operate smooth & effectively. Clogging can lead to rotted fascia and soffits – leaving pathways for pests to climb up into your atticGutter guards are an excellent option for maintaining healthy flow (and we’ll install them!). It’s always in your best interest to ensure that your Columbus or surrounding area property operates the way it’s intended to. Call (844) 544-9453 – we’ll have your gutters looking brand new!