Residential Wildlife & Pest Management near Columbus OH

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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers residential pest & wildlife control to homeowners throughout Columbus and Central Ohio. The Columbus area is home to plenty of pesky species – enough that every homeowner will eventually be confronted with a pest problem. When the time comes, our team of professional wildlife specialists is equipped to handle anything you can throw at us!

A Little Bit About Us

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is the #1 wildlife & pest control service in the Columbus region. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to address wildlife concerns in a humane, yet extremely effective manner. Every case is unique to the specific context of the situation. Therefore, it is critical to understand the behavioral tendencies of all potential nuisance animals. This knowledge allows us to take appropriate action without harming the animal, the environment, or your property. Each of our field technicians has a wealth of experience with wildlife removal and pest control situations in and around the Columbus area. From the phones to the field, we make it a point to employ deeply passionate, local people who have as much love for Ohio’a animals as they do their work. We trust and treat our employees like family, and we’ll certainly do the same for you, Ohio!

What We Can Do For You

BWS specialist performs residential wildlife removal service in Columbus, Ohio.


Our services range from removal of wildlife & insect pests to repairing damages caused by pest infestation. Similarly, we offer animal proofing on homes – going beyond damage repair to prevent future invasions. We offer warranties on all exclusions we perform, and our long-term prevention plans are fully guaranteed! We also do attic restoration – animals are notorious for tearing holes in attic infrastructure as well as leaving hazardous droppings behind. If your attic has been contaminated but not damaged, we also perform spot cleaning to sanitize infected areas. We specialize in the removal of raccoons, bats, squirrels, flying squirrels, skunks, moles, birds, groundhogs, mice, rats, snakes, & more. Don’t let pest problems give you any more headaches – call Columbus’s leading wildlife control company today!