Attic Insulation: A Solution to High Energy Bills

Central Ohio – Attic Insulation Solutions

Attic insulation is an ENERGY STAR® recommended way to significantly lower your energy bill each month. High energy usage is often the result of inefficient temperature control, which is a common but fixable issue for Central Ohioans.

What Makes Insulation Insufficient?

Man installing insulation in an unfinished attic

Insulation is often made up of bulky fiber-like materials that work to slow the transfer of heat between two areas. All insulation is not made equal, with some being far more effective than others. Age can also play a role in the decrease in insulation’s effectiveness if not handled carefully. Most homes use some type of blanket insulation — usually fiberglass or mineral wool. The attic, however, is sometimes neglected in the overall energy flow scheme. This is easily solved, as insulation can be found at nearly any Columbus hardware store.

Installation, however, is a somewhat difficult task and should be handled by someone who is skilled and knowledgeable in the trade. If that sounds like you, all the better. If, however, you have never put in blanket insulation before, look no further than Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Our expert staff is fully trained and experienced in handling attic insulation jobs in Central Ohio. Give us a call at 844 544-9453 for expert installation today!

What Are the Benefits of Attic Insulation?

A non-insulated attic is a major liability when taking overall energy usage into consideration. This is especially true in the winter months, when optimal heat trapping is crucial. It is common knowledge that heat rises and fills the container it’s in. The issue begins when the surfaces responsible for doing the trapping are either defective or non-existent. By adding or repairing current insulation, your attic will boast increased resistance to energy transfer. This makes for quicker, more effective heating during Ohio winters.

Good insulation will significantly decrease the time it takes to heat up the area it encompasses (and use far less energy while doing it). In rangy climates like ours in Central Ohio, efficient temperature control is extremely important. With temperatures and precipitation that can go from tropical to seemingly arctic, there is a desperate need for energy saving practices. Adding or repairing insulation is an excellent first step.

How Is Insulation Installed?

Insulation is a somewhat large home improvement project. Some experience in home improvement is recommended, and each project can differ based on the layout of the specific attic. If you don’t have a trained eye for less-than-ideal installation conditions (perhaps a wet or damaged foundation), you probably shouldn’t do this job on your own. Furthermore, fiberglass can be an irritant to the skin, lungs, and other parts of your body. If you are unfamiliar with proper safety protocol or uncomfortable handling large materials, please refrain from doing any installation yourself. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is supremely qualified to handle the job for you. Our familiarity with the climate, years of training, and experience in attic repairs make us the perfect candidate for your attic insulation job. Call Columbus, Ohio’s own Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at (844) 544-9453!