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Ohio is home to many stinging insects including bald-faced hornets, yellow jackets, honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, and mud daubers with many types in between. Bees are a big concern to those who are allergic. Mild to severe rashes and inflammation can occur when someone allergic is stung by any species of stinging insect. It is estimated that around 53 people die every year in the USA from bee stings. Fortunately Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers the answer to all stinging insect problems to help keep Ohio residents safe. Call us today for a quote on bee treatments & hive removal in Columbus, OH. BWS pros are licensed through the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources.

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Stinging insects are responsible for about 4% of severe allergic reactions every year. Even if one is not allergic to a stinging insect, multiple stings can still cause life-threatening reactions. In recent times the price of very necessary medical equipment like Epipens have sky rocketed, making it nearly impossible to acquire. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions provide one time services for recently acquired hives and also recurring services to manage each time bees come along. The summer and fall seasons bring nice weather, but they also provide perfect conditions for bees and wasps to flourish. A reoccurring service will keep you covered each season as well as in-between each treatment.


Both honey bees and wasps can harbor in attics or within walls and often times this causes costly damages. BWS Pros are trained to not only remove the nest, but to also repair the damages that may have resulted. Other bees such as the carpenter bee will damage wood on a home by boring into it creating a small crevice for them to reproduce and store food. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions work both privately and in tandem with insurance companies to repair the damage done by both animals and pests.

Honey Bees

In almost all cases, we refer honey bee calls to certified beekeepers. While Buckeye Wildlife Solutions doesn’t eliminate bees in most situations, we will provide a treatment if they’re imposing a direct threat such as in a heavily trafficked area like front porches or children’s play equipment. If a nest of bees is on your property, we will provide the necessary information of partnering organizations to remove and relocate the bees to a local hive.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees serve little environmental advantages such as honey bees do. incidentally, they do pollinate plants but not as often as honey bees and even some types of wasps. Carpenter bees drill holes and form nests in wood and trees and can be found in porches, railings, siding, children’s play sets and other places. Although they are not aggressive and only the female can sting, they often attempt to intimidate threatening animals and people by ‘dive bombing’. This can be frightening to both adults and children alike, and that’s why we provide a specific elimination plan for carpenter bees in central and southern Ohio.

Carpenter bees cause damage when they form their nests in sidings, porches, railings and anything else made of wood. They drill a tell tale hole and form a series of tunnels and tubes through out the wooded area in questions. Although the damage they cause can prove to be inconsequential, if left alone for long periods of time that damage can become irreversible.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are aggressive wasps that resemble honey bees in size and color. They are predatory and social wasps forming large nests that only get bigger if left unmanaged. Yellow jackets in columbus, Ohio can pose a very significant problem even if homeowners aren’t allergic to them. It is important to remember that if you are allergic to bees, you may not be allergic to yellow jackets as the poison they inject are different. However, multiple stings from any stinging insect can be very dangerous and result in adverse effects, even if the person stung is not allergic. Yellow jackets are opportunistic wasps in that they take shelter in already formed nests such as abandoned rodent burrows or hollowed out structures. They even burrow in home siding or other structures around the home and yard. This is why it’s very important to rid your home of yellow jackets before the threat becomes serious. Yellow jackets have what known as a ‘smooth stinger’ which allows them to sting multiple times in quick succession, unlike honey bees, which have a stinger that is pulled out once they use it (resulting in the death of the bee). Buckeye Wildlife Services offer emergency removals and different plans which include regular preventative maintenance.

Bald-faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are common through central and southern Ohio and are extremely aggressive. They are a type of paper wasp and build very recognizable football and conical shaped nests which are usually found in trees, but can be found in highly trafficked areas where they pose a very significant threat. Bald-faced hornets are larger than yellow jackets and are black with white stripes.Their faces are, you guessed it, white from which their name is derived. All wasps release a pheromone when in attack mode that signal other wasps to join the battle. These wasps will perceive it as a threat if a person walks near their nests or jostles the branch or structure that it is on. It is never safe for a non-professional to try and remove the wasps or nest on their own and that is why Buckeye Wildlife Solutions offers plans and one time services to remove them.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are common throughout all of Ohio and build small honeycomb nests that are often found on porches, decks and along the eaves of a home. These wasps are docile and not usually aggressive but can sting and cause anxiety to those with fears of stinging insects. BWS Pros are highly trained and more than capable of removing all wasps and their nests and setting the homeowner at ease. These wasps are usually darker in color and social as they live with other wasps in their nests, although they have fewer companions in their brood. Their wings are longer than their body and dark in color making them very recognizable. If they perceive a threat they will sting, but do not go out of their way to follow and attack people such as bald faced hornets or yellow jackets.

Mud Daubers

Mud Daubers, mud wasps or tube wasps are solitary creatures and are very recognizable as they have a long thin ’pinched’ waste between their abdomen and thorax. They form tube and mud nests on the ground and in the eaves of the home. They are very docile and non threatening but as with all animals equipped with a stinger, they are capable of stinging if a threat is perceived. They do not cause any damage but they do form mud nests and can make your home unappealing, which is why BWS Pros will come and remove all the nests and perform preventative maintenance to deter them from forming again.