Carpenter Ant Invasion & Pest Control Service – Columbus, OH

Columbus, Ohio – Carpenter Ants Invade

Carpenter ants are relatively large, blackish colored insects which travel in colonies. They can vary in their individual size, but there is no mistaking the presence of a colony. Carpenter ants are known to damage wood (they actually eat it!) in hopes of creating a viable shelter for nesting. This causes obvious, serious problems for homeowners in Columbus, OH. The ants prefer wood which is slightly wet due to leakage, flooding, or otherwise as it makes for easier burrowing. In areas which have high annual precipitation rates (especially Central Ohio), ants will be prevalent and invade both residential and commercial properties in search of food and shelter.

Do I Need a Professional Removal Service?

Absolutely. If allowed to remain in your house for an extended period of time, carpenter ants can do serious damage. Ant colonies number in the thousands, and multiple colonies may exist within the home. Although not quite as dangerous as termites, ants will do damage to the structure your house if not dealt with quickly. Furthermore, thousands of ants will require a significant amount of food to survive. Residential buildings are perfect for housing large colonies, as food is usually kept in one, centralized area. Ant problems tend to worsen over time. A professional wildlife removal service will be able to handle your issue fully and quickly. 

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions simply has access to knowledge and equipment that residents would have no reason for possessing. Our job is to provide the most effective means for removing each individual pest species. Considering each species must be treated differently, our tool kit is filled to the brim. Do-it-yourself wildlife removal companies are in the business of trying to convince residents that store-grade traps and ineffective poisons work as well as field-trained expert service. Field studies prove most of these products to be ineffective. You may notice that no professional service uses these products to do their jobs (and for good reason); they simply do not get the job done.

                         How Do We Handle Carpenter Ants?

Columbus, OH and surrounding areas are prime real estate for carpenter ants. Central Ohio has the residential population and climate necessary to house large colonies of ants for extended periods of time. This makes carpenter ants one of the most prevalent pests in the Columbus area. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions specializes in all types of pest removal – carpenter ants included!

Our main goal in controlling colonies of carpenter ants is to locate and destroy all nests on the property. This can be tricky, as ants can travel long distances to forage for food. Some colonies may even invade your house from the outside, bringing food from your kitchen back to their base. Once we locate and destroy each nest, the ants are essentially trapped until they regroup and create a new nest. Before they are allowed to do so, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions ensures that all ants are located and removed from the property — allowing you to return to your natural flow. Give us a call today at (844) 544-9453!