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Fleas are famous as a nuisance to our pets. They are small, flightless insects that act as parasites. Fleas suck the blood of their host in order to provide them the nutrients needed to survive. That said, they can cause all sorts of havoc if they’re brought indoors. Once inside your house, fleas will continue to feed, even using humans as hosts if necessary. They are difficult to remove and will continue to pester your household as long as they are allowed. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Central Ohio’s primary pest removal company. Don’t let fleas ruin your winter — give us a call at 844-544-9453 for expert removal service!

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Our Flea Removal Services – The BWS Advantage

Fleas are extremely difficult to remove on one’s own. They arrive on the bodies of pets and will thrive no matter where they are in the house as long as there is access to a host to feed on. Fleas can live in bedding, furniture, and other commonly used household items. This makes it extremely important that the removal process is treated with care and diligence. Professional removal is really the only option, although some DIY treatments do exist (their effectiveness is typically low). A trained professional will have access to treatments that are much more effective in exterminating fleas, but you should still be meticulous in grooming yourself and your pets to minimize the chance of being attacked by fleas.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Columbus, OH’s leading pest removal service. Our staff is fully licensed, meaning we are trained and knowledgeable of the behaviors and tendencies of any Central Ohio pests we may encounter. Our comprehensive services include;

  • Surveying the Property.

  • Determining Optimal Times & Locations for Extermination.

  • Removal of Nests and All Fleas from the Area.

  • Services for Future Pest Prevention.

Illustration of a flea  

Flea Background & Biology

Fleas are small, primitive creatures that act as parasites in order to survive. They grow to around 3mm at maturity and can live for up to 100 days. Their primary method of feeding involves finding a host body (human, dog, rat, etc.) and sucking their blood in order to nourish themselves.

Fleas’ mouths are designed to pierce skin to aid in obtaining their host’s blood. They also have strong claws that prevent them from being easily removed from their host. Fleas have reddish-brown, hair-covered, and horizontally compressed in order to aid movement through animal fur. Their compact size and structure allow them to easily make their way through the thick hairs of the host; This is imperative for them, as they have no wings to propel themselves. Rather, fleas use their powerful legs to vault themselves over 50 times the length of their bodies.

Most flea infestations start as the result of latching onto a pet as a host. Dogs and cats are most susceptible to fleas, as they are likely to find themselves in locations where fleas reside. Fleas will remain on the pet’s body even inside the house, where fleas have the ability to spread to other hosts, humans included. Due to their small size and powerful claws, they can be extremely difficult to locate and remove. They can leave swollen, itchy patches of skin on their host, making their presence easy to detect.

A licensed, professional wildlife removal service will be able to fully handle your flea issue. Our staff is trained and licensed to handle all flea extermination jobs. Don’t let fleas ruin you and your pets’ winter — call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at (844) 544-9453 for expert removal service today!

How Difficult Would It Be to Remove Fleas Myself?

Flea removals can be some of the most difficult for all involved. Not only are they annoying, but fleas are incredibly hard to spot and remove due to their size and hardiness. Most over-the-counter flea treatments are ineffective, and manual removal is nearly impossible. Your best option is to contact a local pest control company immediately.

Fleas will reproduce in large amounts, so time is definitely an important factor. Your BWS expert will survey your property and devise a customized plan to effectively combat problem fleas. This can involve the use of chemical treatments, but the main components of flea removal involve treating, cleaning, or replacing many common household items like bedding, rugs, furniture, and more.

Our staff’s knowledge of behavioral patterns, as well as situational recognition, allows us to develop the most effective extermination plan after one survey of the property. For expert removal service, call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at (419)-982-5502!