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Bird mites are small, egg-shaped creatures with plenty of destructive ability. They feed by sucking the blood from a host (usually birds but also humans). The mites are extremely hard to spot due to their size and semi-transparency. This makes it possible for them to live their entire lives feeding on just one host. Furthermore, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Central Ohio’s premier pest removal company. Don’t allow mites to make a meal out of you. Give us a call at (844) 544-9453 today for a customized, expert removal program!

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Our Mite Removal Services – The BWS Advantage

Bird mites fall under the category of pests that simply must be dealt with professionally. There are simply no effective, reliable over-the-counter methods for mite removal. Furthermore, some species of birds are federally protected, making it illegal to harm them. Contacting a licensed pest removal company like Buckeye Wildlife Solutions should be your first priority upon noticing mites. To eradicate them from your property, a professional will first need to find their breeding and nesting sites. A survey of the property will accomplish this, and any problem nests will be removed as a result. Full eradication may also involve the use of pesticides.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Columbus, OH’s leading pest removal service. Our staff is fully licensed, meaning we are trained and knowledgeable of the behaviors and tendencies of any Central Ohio pests we may encounter. Our comprehensive services include;

  • Surveying the Property.

  • Removing Nests and Mite Breeding Grounds.

  • Services for Future Pest Prevention.

Microscope scan of a bird miteBird afflicted with bird mites  

Mite Background & Biology

Bird mites are very small pests, typically measuring around 0.5 mm. They feed on a host’s blood, making them very annoying for birds and humans alike. They reproduce quickly, with eggs hatching in only a matter of days. Bird mites reach maturity sometime around one week after hatching, so their ability to cause havoc is tremendous.

Mites are pesky creatures with the ability to reproduce very quickly. Bird mites typically use young birds as hosts while in the nest. However, if no birds are available or the host dies off, the mites may look to humans as a backup option. Mites typically spend their whole lives feeding on a single host. They do, however, move quickly once a source dies off and won’t disappear on their own. It is important to get rid of mites as soon as they are noticed.

They often hide in small cracks and crevices, carpets, furniture, and other heavily-used locations. They are active from dusk until dawn, giving them the ability to seriously disrupt their host’s sleeping pattern. Although they aren’t lethal, their “bites” do leave swelling due to their constant feeding. The “bitten” area is usually left with an intense itching sensation, which annoys the host to no end and will last as long as the mites are present.

A licensed, professional wildlife removal service such as Buckeye Wildlife Solutions will have no trouble handling your mite problem. Our staff is trained and licensed to handle all mite removal jobs. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at (844) 544-9453 for expert removal service today!

How Difficult Would It Be to Remove Mites Myself?

Bird mites are incredibly difficult to remove on one’s own because they are small and extremely difficult to spot. Their numbers multiply rapidly, which can completely overwhelm their host if not handled quickly. Once their numbers grow large, they become even more tough to eradicate. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact a professional pest control company immediately. A professional service will locate and remove all problem nests and use customized treatments to eradicate any present mites.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has years of experience with Central Ohio mite removal jobs. Our staff’s knowledge of behavioral patterns, as well as the necessary situational recognition, allows us to develop effective extermination plans after one survey of your property. For expert removal service, call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions today at (844) 544-9453!