Odorous House Ants & Pest Removal – Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Pests – Odorous House Ants

The aptly named odorous house ant is known for their odor as well as their tendency to invade residential buildings. They are average-sized and colored black, often mistaken for pavement ants. Odorous house ants, when crushed, produce a “rotten coconut” odor, which makes killing them rather difficult. Their colonies can range from several hundred to tens of thousands, with the ability to invade in multiple colonies. These are obvious problem pests for residents of Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.

The goal of any particular colony is to find food to share with the queen as well as the other members. This makes residential areas a dream location for odorous house ants, with kitchens abound to supply much-needed nourishment. Sugary foods are the main target for these ants, and they stop at nothing when an opportunity presents. Central Ohio is a hotspot for odorous house ants, with a moderately moist, temperate climate. Furthermore, these ants reproduce daily, with females laying an egg per day. Unsurprisingly, ant problems tend to get worse the longer the colonies are allowed to go unchecked.

How Do I Handle My Ant Problem?

Your first move should be to call a professional wildlife removal service. If not done carefully, ant removals can be messy and ineffective. Furthermore, if not handled quickly, odorous house ants will multiply and cause even more trouble. Any food storage area will be quickly located and invaded by hungry ant colonies (which number in the thousands). As most food is stored in a single, centralized area, ants usually have no trouble locating their meals. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions specializes in ant removal. We are simply the most effective control service available to residents of Columbus and surrounding areas.

Large wildlife control companies like Orkin try to push the narrative that “do-it-yourself” products work as well as professional removal services. Simply put, there is no substitute for training and field experience. In order to permanently fix your pest problems, a professional wildlife service like Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is your best option.

How Does BWS Take Care of Ant Problems?

In order to control a colony of odorous house ants, the nests must be taken care of immediately. The ants cannot be allowed time to continue reproducing. Once the nest is located and destroyed, the ants will be removed from the property, and you will be able to return to your typical routine. Removal of large numbers of ants, although not especially difficult, must be handled carefully. It is simply best to hire a professional service to handle ant situations. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions leads Central Ohio in safe, effective pest control. Call us at (844) 544-9453 for more information!