Squirrels – Second Litters & Ohio Resident Concerns

A red squirrel eats near a large treeGreater Columbus – Squirrels Have Their Second Litters

The middle of summer is the most common time for squirrels to give birth to their second litter of the year. Squirrels are a very prevalent critter in the Midwest, and Central Ohio is no exception. Home to a consistent squirrel population, a second wave has the potential to make your summer much more annoying. The year’s first litter of squirrels is generally born somewhere from mid-March to early April. In August and September, the final litter is born, staying in the nest for around eight weeks before venturing out.

Why Did Squirrels Choose My Attic?

Squirrels feed on mostly nuts and seeds, which would lead you to believe they build their nests primarily outdoors. Safe child-raising is a major concern, though, meaning squirrels prefer safer quarters such as those made by humans. Attics are generally a hotspot for squirrel nests. They’re safe, isolated, and provide access to other areas of interest such as the kitchen or pantry, Not only do attics provide a perfect environment, but they are often uninhabited and rarely visited by their owners. This drives squirrels to set up camp in homes like yours in order to raise their young to maturity. 

How Does This Affect My Property?

There’s a chance you’ve already had to deal with squirrels sometime earlier in the year. If so, you’ll be familiar with the signs and symptoms. Squirrels can tear your attic apart– making holes in your walls, chewing and tearing through your insulation, and even camping out in vents. Furthermore, they can leave waste behind, posing a biological threat to those who come in contact with it. All kinds of diseases can be harbored in squirrel waste, and the longer it is allowed to accrue, the more dangerous it becomes. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has the ability to not only remove squirrels from your property, but also to help restore your attic to its previous condition. You can ask us about our attic restoration services at (844) 544-9453!

What Should I Do?

Squirrels are extremely territorial. You should never confront them on your own. If you notice a squirrel nest or even signs of individual squirrels in your attic, call a wildlife removal company immediately. Squirrels are capable of finding their way back into your attic through secondary entrances, so diligence is required when performing a squirrel exclusion. Make sure that the service you hire is qualified to handle the situation– Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is fully licensed for Central Ohio squirrel removal. Our team’s knowledge and experience will help return your home to its former secure state. If you’re in need of squirrel removal, give us a call at (844) 544-9453!