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Carpenter Bee Removal Columbus OhioCarpenter Bee Eradication In Central Ohio

Springtime is busy for most species of insects and wildlife in Ohio.  With temperatures warming early this year, plants and flowers are emerging, and not long after them will emerge all the pollinating insects, such as the carpenter bees. If you find small amounts of sawdust or pollen stains around your home, you may be experiencing carpenter bee damage. It’s a very common problem to have in Ohio. Every homeowner in Ohio will likely experience carpenter bee damage somewhere down the line, whether it be a big or small nuisance problem. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here to help educate & control pests, such as the carpenter bee. Feel free to call us anytime to request our professional services. 

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The Difference Between Carpenter Bees & Bumble Bees

Carpenter bees resemble bumblebees in appearance. Bumblebees have thick yellow and black hairs on the abdomen and pollen baskets on their hind legs, carpenter bees have a black hairless abdomen. Both species are similar in size but carpenter bees tend to be a little larger. Bumblebees mainly nest in the ground and carpenter bees nest in wood. 

The Reason Carpenter Bees Damage Wood On Your Home.

The main problem homeowners face with carpenter bees is their habit of boring into wood trim, fascia and siding to create their nest cavities. They do not eat the wood, but rather they drill holes into wood to deposit their eggs. Adults emerge in early spring, and the female bees create perfectly round ½ inch in diameter holes drilled up into the wood, then travel side to side within the board. She will deposit a “food ball” made of pollen and nectar at the end of her cavity, then lays her eggs on the food. The larva hatch and mature into adults within this cavity and will emerge in August. This will be a time of the year when carpenter bees will be prevalent as well, but spring is always the worst.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees- Natural Treatment VS. Our Way. 

These bees prefer weathered wood and are known to nest in fascia boards, roof decks, soffits, lawn furniture, wood play sets, siding, shutters and cedar shingles. Regular painting of wood surfaces can help deter them, but insecticide treatments are often necessary to control an established population. While Carpenter Bees in Ohio are important pollinators in agriculture, such as for fruit trees and other plants, they can also create significant structural damage over time.  Buckeye Wildlife Solutions technicians are trained to diagnose carpenter bee damage and offer several options of control to minimize damage to your home. Call us today for carpenter bee extermination in Central Ohio. 

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