What Will Scare a Raccoon Away?

Are you wondering what will scare a raccoon away? Raccoon mating season reaches its peak in March and April as the cold, Ohio winter comes to a close. As a result, most people notice a spike in raccoon activity around their property. Therefore, many homeowners look for economical, preventative measures to keep raccoons away from their house while raccoons run wild. Although we’ll do what we can to help you fortify your raccoon defenses, please understand that these are potentially dangerous animals and are not to be handled lightly. As such, if you have raccoons in your home, attic, or elsewhere on your property, please contact a professional raccoon removal service like Buckeye Wildlife Solutions immediately.

What Are Some Things That Will Scare a Raccoon Away?

As raccoons become more urbanized, they continue to lose their fear of humans. As a result, a comprehensive prevention approach is essential. Below, we’ll offer a mix of temporary and permanent suggestions to curb pest activity on your property:

  • Preventative things like bringing in trash cans and not leaving pet food outside are a great start.
  • Flood lights are very effective, especially motion-sensor varieties.
  • Water sprinklers, hoses, and anything else that projects water is great for scaring raccoons away.
  • Also, certain smells like ammonia, smoke, and certain spices can be useful, but only in widespread concentrations.
  • Furthermore, loud banging or popping noises, barking dogs, and loud radios are common raccoon deterrents as well.
  • Ultimately, the best thing to do is pest-proof your house with tried and true preventative measures from Buckeye Wildlife Solutions!
Find out what will scare a raccoon away.

Find out what will scare a raccoon away.

Do I Need to Hire a Raccoon Removal Service?

Raccoons can transmit diseases, leave behind feces, urine, and harmful materials, and damage your property. It is necessary to handle invading raccoons as quickly as possible. Our highly-trained, licensed raccoon removal team is available 24/7 to handle even the most difficult raccoon removal jobs. Call now at (844) 544-9453  to get started!