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Skunks are notorious for the foul-smelling odor of their spray. There are many different species of skunk in North America, but Ohio is home to only one: the striped skunk. They are usually about 2 feet long, weighing anywhere from 4 to 10 pounds in adulthood. This species is known for its signature black palette and white stripes which run the length of their backs. This extreme contrast in color is known as warning coloration. Many animals that present some sort of unusual danger, such as deadly poison or the skunk’s spray, are equipped with unusual coloring which serves as a warning to other animals not to approach them. Skunks are obviously not to be messed with — let us handle them. Give Buckeye Wildlife Solutions a call at (844) 544-9453 and solve your skunk problem today!

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Our Skunk Removal Services – The BWS Advantage

Trapping is an essential method of skunk removal. No one wants to encounter a skunk firsthand, so we avoid direct confrontation by placing specially designed traps in the optimal location for trapping the skunks. The skunk’s spray is an obvious point of concern, so our team may use solid-walled traps in order to counteract any potential spraying. Removal is taken care of by our staff, who will carefully relocate the animal in order to return your property to its former, peaceful state. Any damage to your property done by invading skunks can be assessed by our wildlife specialists. Skunk problems should be handled delicately – allow us to help. Call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at (844) 544-9453 – our comprehensive services include;

  • Determining Optimal Times & Locations For Traps.

  • Preparing Traps For Removal.

    Removing Skunks From Your Property.

  • Installation Of Barriers On Your Property To Prevent Further Issues.

Skunk Background & Biology

Skunks are relatively small mammals. They range from 20-25 inches in length, weighing around 1 pound on average. Skunks are omnivores, meaning they will feed on a variety of different foods. This includes fruits, seeds, insects, and sometimes meat. Their diet typically depends on what is seasonally availableSkunks have done an incredible job of adapting in order to survive around humans. They are fully capable of living under decks, patios, and sunrooms to stay safe from predators and harsh weather. Skunks usually emerge each year around February, causing problems for homeowners all around Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas. Spraying under decks and patios is often the first sign of a skunk problem.

The most common type of damage skunks can cause is known as “turfing.” Turfing is described as digging into the ground in search of food (typically for grubs and earthworms in people’s yards). It is not uncommon to find sections of your yard ripped up entirely by skunks. They also have the ability to spray at any time if a threat is sensed. Often times, pets are the recipients of a skunk’s spray, causing even more hassle for homeowners. If you need skunks removed from your property, give us a call at (844) 544-9453!


Why Are There Skunks On My Property?

Skunks prefer to live in forested areas, where shelter is plentiful and allows for a high chance of survival. Over time, as humans have come to urbanize the planet, skunks have been forced to adapt to the new urban environment. They have done so impressively, managing to survive and coexist with humans by using our property as a means for shelter and foraging. Skunks likely see your yard as a perfect location for locating their next meal – meaning they will likely dig up your yard in search of worms and the like. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is Central Ohio’s leading skunk removal service. Call us at (844) 544-9453 and solve your skunk problems for good!